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As a creator, there are a lot of different aspects that you need to manage together - comment on fellow creators post, reply to comments other creators make on your posts and most importantly chat with your fans. And chatting can be very tiring when you need to constantly check fan activity: your notes on what they like or dislike, or how much did they pay and what were their recent purchases! We have summed up our features into the following 3 categories:


On OF all these activities require opening different tabs which wastes a lot of time! With OFBuddy, you have access to all these tools from one window!

New comments? Reply using the Recent Comments section. Save time by liking and replying with pre-defined reply templates from the extension itself!

In a fan chat? Find all the information about this fan by going to the Info tab! Even info about if they are one of your top 10 fans.

Then there are times when you want to use your free time to just message or send a freebie to your “VIP” fans, who have spent more than $20, $50 or $100 on your content! Use the recently active users section to find your VIPs and directly jump to their chat!

Future iterations will include the ability to create lists of 10-20 selected fans and send them all the same message (like a mass message) nut the fans would still see it as a Priority message.

Organise & Prioritise

With our pre-defined messages, reply templates and to-do list, organise your work like a boss and prioritise what’s important.

Be it a freebie reminder to send to your fav fan, or a custom you need ready by a certain date, make an exhaustive list using the to-dos and never miss a deadline! We will soon introduce reminder notifications as well.

Reduce your typing time by 100% with pre-defined message and reply templates. Be it comments / replies on posts or messages you send during a texting experience. Have them all ready in the notes section and copy paste with one click!

Future iterations will introduce features like upload to vault, preview of your OF feed with the scheduled posts and much more!

Learn & Grow

Our grand vision is to create a community of creators where we share ideas on how to grow on OF, content ideas, tips and tricks on how to turn $5 fans to $50 and bring the best paid courses to you for free!

Our idea board is exploding and we cannot wait to bring all these features live to you!

For Version 1 launch, we have started with sharing some useful resources to help you grow and share your account on social media platforms, but this section will be modified in the coming releases with a ton of valuable content.

We’ll keep you posted! And if you have ideas or courses you wish you could buy, do send them to us using one of our social media channels (Twitter, Reddit, Telegram or email us at