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Sync Message Templates

· 3 min read

With the free version of OFBuddy, you can use the message templates / scripts section for free. But with PRO, you can sync these templates across different devices and chatters.

Please note
  • Syncing is optional for PRO members as well. You have the option to manually turn it on. Once enabled, syncing cannot be disabled.
  • If you have FAN NOTES syncing ON, then by default syncing will be enabled for message templates and vice versa.
  • Each user/chatter needs to activate syncing manually on their device.
  • This only includes information you have entered into the extension. We do not store any other info.
  • If you choose to disable Syncing, we cannot assist you in recovering your data. Deleting the extension or a Chrome bug that causes data loss cannot be fixed with syncing off.

How to Activate Syncing?

  • Navigate to the message template tab, where a pop-up will prompt you to enter the email address that was used to purchase the OFBuddy license, and then click on activate syncing.

  • If you have been using OFBuddy prior to the introduction of the syncing feature (17th November 2022), you may have local template markers in your browser that you wish to sync with our server. If so, click "sync local templates" and the notes will be synced.

Agencies with multiple chatters having different templates on their devices can all sync their notes and the order of the templates will be the same as the order of the sync. Just click on Sync Local Templates button.(see screenshot)

After you have turned Sync ON, you will be able to choose which creator accounts should be linked to a script.

After Sync ON, you will see an additional option in every message template box. (see screenshot)

  • With the first option, you can attach scripts to specific accounts.
  • With the second option, you can choose to "link it to all creator accounts."

Please note: All local templates/scripts (created before sync functionality was there) will be linked to all creators by default. But you can edit the messages and link to specific creators, if you wish to.

This will help you sort the scripts per creator when you are logged in with them. You can click on this option above templates to only filter for scripts from the current creator.

If you encounter any other issues, please message us on our Telegram channel or send an email at