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Sync Fan Notes

· 3 min read

With the free version of OFBuddy, you can use the fan notes section for free. But with PRO, you can sync notes among different devices and chatters.

Please note
  • Syncing is optional for PRO members as well. You have the option to manually turn it on. Once enabled, syncing cannot be disabled.
  • Each user/chatter needs to activate syncing manually on their device.
  • This only includes information you have entered into the extension: fan notes and birthday. We do not store your media or chats with a fan.
  • If you have multiple accounts linked to a license, please log-in to each account and sync local notes
  • If you choose to disable Syncing, we cannot assist you in recovering your data. Deleting the extension or a Chrome bug that causes data loss cannot be fixed with syncing off.

When you want to activate syncing, navigate to the fan info tab, where a pop-up will prompt you to enter the email address that was used to purchase the OFBuddy license, and then click on activate syncing.

If you have been using OFBuddy prior to the introduction of the syncing feature (24th Oct 2022), you may have local notes in your browser that you wish to sync with our server. If so, click "sync local notes" and the notes will be synced.

Agencies using a single license for multiple chatters may encounter the problem of multiple chatters having notes for the same fan. In this case, the notes from the device that syncs first will be saved to the server, but all other users will be able to view their local notes by clicking the link above the notes box. (see screenshot)

Please note that this issue only affects OFBuddy users whose sync was not initially enabled. Once activated, you only need to press SAVE after making changes to your notes for them to be automatically synchronized.

There are two types of errors that could occur after syncing is activated:

1. We were unable to retrieve fan notes from the server:

It is possible that an unstable connection prevented us from retrieving fan notes. Check your internet connection and reload the page, or switch between OFBuddy tabs (Go to home or to-do) and then click on fan notes again. Typically, this should be enough to resolve the issue. Please contact us if not.

2. Your notes could not be synced because someone else made changes to fan notes in the meantime:

When collaborating with multiple OFBuddy users, it is possible for two chatters to modify the same fan notes. In this case, the device that saved the notes first will be synced, while the other device will receive an error indicating that the notes have been modified since they were last retrieved. Please copy your changes so that you do not lose them, then refresh the page or switch between OFBuddy tabs (Go to home or to-do) and then click back on fan notes. It should be resolved.

If you encounter any other issues, please message us on our Telegram channel or send an email at