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Recent Chat List

· 2 min read

With Recent Chat list feature you can make a list of fans you are currently chatting with or had a conversation recently. Then you can exclude this list from new mass messages, keeping your current chats personal and free of interruptions from new messages (that are out of context)

Who is included in this list?

  • Fans who messaged you in the last X min
  • Fans which you messaged in the last X min (personal message, typed in chat or priority message through OFBuddy)

How to create a Recent Chat list?

  1. To create a recent chats list go to "Messages" and click the "OFB Recent Chats" button.

  1. After clicking a pop-up like this will open:

  1. In the input field, you can type in the max time of the recent chats in minutes. For example, if you want to add all the fans to a list that you have chatted within the last 1 hour, type in 60. You can choose upto a max of 8 hours = 480 mins.

  2. Then choose a list you want to add the fans to.

  • You can create a new list or
  • You can use an existing list. If you choose an existing list, please don't forget to click on the checkbox to clear it first. Otherwise you will have fans that were already in the list but haven't been chatted with recently.
  1. After setting up, click on "Create Recent Chat List" button and the list will be created.

Then you can use this list to exclude from new mass or priority messages! You can also use this to constantly message your online fans. Just make sure to input the time correctly - 5 mins after you sent the mass message, so you don't exclude fans you didn't chat with.