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Shortcut for Message Templates/Scripts

· 2 min read

With OFBuddy Pro, you can now have access to your scripts / message templates directly from OnlyFans search input!

When in a fan chat, you can use two options for using the shortcut(see video below):

  1. Click on the message icon in the right corner: Click on it will open and a second click will close the suggestions box.
  2. Press TAB key on your keyboard: When you are in a fan chat, you can press TAB to open and a second press of Tab will close it or you can use ESC button to close the suggestions.

After the suggestions / scripts are open, you can navigate through them with:

  • the mouse cursor or
  • the UP 🔼 and DOWN 🔽 key of your keyboard.

When you hit enter or click on a message template, the message will be directly sent to the fan. Please make sure to select the right template.

As you can see in the video, when you click on one of the shortcuts, a search input is mounted on top of the OF chat. You can search for a word and all templates with a matching tag or a word in the script will be shown in the suggestions.

Please note:
  • You will see scripts from all creators in this recommendation box. It is not filtered per creator.
  • Scripts with media and price attached will have the icons below the text. And when you send a message with media attached to it, the media will also be sent with the saved configuration (paid, unpaid and price, if any)
  • When you are not sure about the media attached in a message, you can slide the extension out, open message templates and click on Fast Send. There you can see a preview of the media attached!