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Advanced Scripts with Media attached

· 3 min read

The free version of OFBuddy allows you to add message templates / scripts. However, we have enhanced it by allowing you to attach media files from your vault as well as a price. Therefore, you can have predefined messages that you can send with the click of a button while in a chat.

When you go to Messages and click on New Message, a modal like this appears:

  • You can define the text, add media by clicking on which media you want to attach to it and define a price.
  • You can attach media from several accounts to the same message template and the media shown will be from the account you are logged in with. The price for media is also saved per account.
  • When you attach a price, please double check that the media you want to send as PPV has the paid check box ticked.
  • When you delete a message template, it will be deleted for all accounts. So make sure you only delete messages that you want to delete for all accounts.

This is how a filled message template looks like. The first picture will be a preview and the next 2 images will be locked behind a price for the fans.

Now that you have understood how to set up a message template with media, let's dive into how you can send them!

The message templates will look like this on OFBuddy:

To send the message:

  • Go to you a fan chat.
  • Click on Fast Send. The fast send feature will only work when you are in a fan's chat view.
  • This will show a confirmation modal where you can see if the fan has already seen a media or not. If yes, the media is marked with a red eye and a message that some media files have already been sent. (see screenshot)

  • If you have used template markers in the message template, they will be replaced by the corresponding name of the fan. For the message template: nice to meeet you {displayName|honey} and I am so glad that you are here {name|love} :), the confirmation modal will show the following:

  • After verifying that everything is correct, click on Send and you are done!