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Fan Insights in chat view

· 4 min read

With Labelling fans in chat view feature you can identify which fans you want to prioritise or add their preferences. You can use OFBuddy's standard labels or you can make your custom ones. All fans will be labelled with information that will make it easier for you to determine which fan you need to focus your energy on before even opening the chat!

Label Types:

There are 2 types of labels:

  1. OFBuddy's Labels
  2. Custom Labels that you can assign yourself.

A chat can have a maximum of 8 labels at a time. (3 from OFBuddy Labels, indicating their subscription status and spent value + 5 from Custom Labels). We have added a legend above the chats to explain each of the OFBuddy's labels so that they are simple to comprehend!

OFBuddy Labels:

Label 1: Amount Spend

This is the amount spent by the fan on your account (including the 20% OF cut). This number will not match the Only Fans spending statistics for that fan as they remove the 20% when they show it.

Label 2: NEW

If the fan subscribed in the last 7 days, they will have a NEW label.

Label 3: Rebill OFF or Expiration status

The third label can be an Orange or a Red bubble.

  • Orange bubble indicates that the fan has rebill off.
  • Red bubble indicates that the fan is expired.

Please note that if a fan has Rebill ON, no bubble will be displayed. We decided not to display a separate bubble for this as it made the chat view overwhelming and hard to comprehend.

Custom Labels:

How do custom labels work?

To use this feature, you will need to bucket your users into lists (or you already have them bucketed) and then assign an emoji to this list. The emojis will be shown as labels on each chat depending on which list the fan is in.

A few examples on how you can use this feature:

  • All the fans who like being called "Daddy" have a label 👨‍🦰
  • Any fan part of the girlfriend experience has a label 👩‍❤️‍👨.
  • Fans with pets 🐶
  • VIP Fans 👑
  • Fans with money 🤑
  • Fans who never spend 🚫
  • Or more on the team side, you can place different emojis based on which team member talks to which fan!

I guess by now you get the drill 😄

How to use this feature?

  1. Go to the chat view on OnlyFans.
  2. On top of the chats is a legend with OFBuddy's labels where you can see a settings icon (on the right corner)

  1. When you click on it, a modal like this will appear:

  1. This feature can only be used with Sync ON. So if you haven't already turned sync on, please turn it on by inputting the email with which you bought the OFBuddy license. After you do it, please also sync your fan notes and message templates by clicking on the "Sync fan notes" and "Sync local templates" button. Otherwise, you will not find this information when you go these tabs.

  1. The first setting is for OFBuddy labels. (spent value, subscription status - new, rebill off or expired) By default all of them are on and shown. But you can turn them off.
  2. In the second section, you can assign emojis to lists (as many as you want) and then tick mark which ones you'd like to see.

And that's it!

Please Note:
  • The feature can only be used with Sync ON. So please input your email with which you bought the OFBuddy License.
  • The List-Emoji settings will be saved and deleted for all the team members that use the same license key.
  • This feature is per creator account.

In case you are using other softwares with similar functionality or if you simply wish to hide the labels, we have also included a setting in the Settings tab to disable them.