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All FREE OFBuddy Features Explained

· 6 min read

Hey creators,

As much as we have tried to keep the features simple and intuitive, there are always things that may appear straightforward but may be difficult to understand. With that in mind and to keep things easier for you, we've gone over all of the free features in detail in this article.

Tab 1: Home Screen >> Recent Comments

Here you will find recent comments on your posts by fellow OF creators or your fans. In the first release, we have only fetched the comments from the last 5 posts. But we will keep improving this. You can filter the comments if they are from creators or fans, like the comment by clicking on the heart icon or reply by clicking the reply button. When you click the reply button, you will find the reply templates which you can use to quickly reply to the comments (reply templates explained in detail below) Keep in mind, that sometimes there could be delay in feedback if the comment is liked or not. Whenever in doubt, just refresh the page. 😉 Everything should work fine!

Tab 2: To-do

Whether it's a custom order, a video to shoot, or a free gift you want to send to a fan on their birthday in two days, keep all of your tasks in one place. Use the input box and date picker at the bottom of this tab to make a list of things you need to do and keep track of them. You can also go to a fan chat, go to user info in OFBuddy and create a to-do for them and we will link it in the to-dos, so you can easily go back to their chat! You can sort the list by date so that the most important things are always at the top. In a future update, we will also add reminders to help you keep track of your tasks better.

IMPORTANT: With the V1 release, we do not have any back-up of your to-do list. If you delete the extension, you will loose this data. We are constantly working and will soon introduce back-up for the worst case scenario.

Tab 3: Messages

This tab is for you to have pre defined messages that you use often. Can be a welcome message, your tip menu, a catchy naughty line that always spices up the conversation or messages you use often while texting with your fans.

How-to guide for Notes: To add a new template, click on the button (+ Add Message). Type the message and add a tag to it. Tags will help you filter for specific messages and makes it easier for you to find a message. On the right side of each message, there are buttons to edit and delete it. And on top, you have a search bar to search for terms. All messages including those terms will appear when you search.

In the upper right corner is a button that allows you to export or import your message templates so that you can use them on multiple devices! In a future update we will enable syncing across devices.

With OFBuddy PRO, you can even attach media to your message templates and use markers which are replaced by fan's name to make them more personal. With the fast send feature, you can send a PPV message to your fans with just a click. Read more here.

IMPORTANT: With the V1 release, we do not have any back-up of your saved templates. If you delete the extension, you will loose this data.

Tab 4: User Information

This tab consists of all information you need to know about your fan!

  • The amount of money spent: broken down into tips, posts, messages and live streams
  • how long they are subscribed for
  • A tag if the fan is a top 10 fan and their rank
  • All purchases from messages: By clicking on Show, you can find all PPVs the fan has purchased!
  • You can enter the birthday of the fan so you know when to send them a thoughtful freebie
  • You can add a to-do for the fan, which will be linked in main your to-do tab.
  • User notes: Use this section to write things you want to remember about your fan. For example, where they live, what they like or dislike, fetish etc. It's an open note, be creative and use it as you wish! After you add notes, click on the save button on top right of the box
  • Lists: Shows all the lists a fan is in.

IMPORTANT: With OFBuddy PRO, you can now sync fan notes across devices.

Tab 5: More >> Settings

This tab has two control settings in the current version:

  • Shift website layout to the left: This toggle is on by default. All it does is get rid of the white space on the left and move the elements to the left, so you can still see the page well even when the extension is open.
  • Make post previews on the feed smaller: This toggle is off by default. All it does is make the pictures or videos in a post on your feed smaller so you can scroll faster and see more content at the same time.
  • Keep OFBuddy always open: This toggle if off by default. But if you are using a bigger screen and want to keep the OFBuddy toolbar always open, turn this toggle on! Whenever you will open a new tab or refresh the page, OFBuddy will remain open with the last tab in view. So if it was user info, you will land again on user info.

For each PRO feature, we've created a dedicated article. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us through our Telegram channel.