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Follow Expired Fans

· 4 min read

Follow expired fans lets you follow back fans that were once subscribed to you but have expired now. Frequently, subscribers disable auto-renew in their settings, so even if they adore you and your content, they may be unsubscribed without their knowledge. With this feature, you can now scan your list of expired followers and, with the click of a button, automatically follow them back.

When you follow expired fans, you can retarget them with personalized messages (or PPV) to remind them about you, which will increase your revenue from content sales. In addition, a follow notification will prompt them to check your account, which will result in at least some of them re-subscribing!

Why are there 2 versions of the bot?

Depending on your auto-follow back settings on OnlyFans, you can choose which bot you should run. You can check this setting by going to your page, click on Settings -> Fans and Following -> Toggle for "Auto follow back for the duration of subscription"

  • If you have auto-follow back ON, we recommend you use V2.
  • If you have auto-follow back OFF, we recommend you use V1.

You can run both versions, but keep in mind that with V2 you will also follow back other creator accounts if you previously followed them. They are not excludable. This is probably only an issue if you have a free account and automatically follow back creator accounts. With paid pages, very few creator accounts would be part of your following, so this problem should not exist and both versions can be utilized.


For best results from the Follow Expired Fans feature, we recommend you to turn the auto-follow back feature on.

How does the feature work?

Version 2:

Click on Run Scan and you will see this pop-up. In case you want to add the followed fans to a list, select a list (or create a new one) and click on Start. The bot will start following the expired fans and show statistics while scanning.

Version 1:

Click on Run Scan and you will see this pop-up. Before you start, you have a couple of settings to choose from:

1. Do you want to follow creator accounts?

In some cases, it can be helpful to follow back creator accounts, but sometimes you only want to follow real fans back. This toggle allows you to make that choice.

2. Do you want the newly followed users to be added to a specific list?

Instead of just following users, the feature allows you to add the users to a specific list so that you can target them accordingly.

3. In case you followed the fan already, do you still want to add them to the defined list?

Sometimes the feature will find expired fans, which you are already following. This could be because you followed them manually or because you have the "automatically follow back" feature on. In this case, you can choose if these fans should still be added to the list you defined in the step above, of if they should be skipped. It can be useful to add them to the list especially when you use this feature for the first time, so you can target all your expired fans since the beginning of your time on OF.

After you have set up the configuration, click on the "Scan and Follow Expired Fans" button. We will start the process and you will be able to see the progress in the statistics section on the bottom. (see screenshot below)

"Total fans followed by OFBuddy" statistic will be the sum of all fans followed with the bot (including both versions) and any fans followed on other devices with access to this account (meaning this number is synced across devices).

If you have any questions, please reach out to us on Telegram or send an email at We are always eager to hear your feedback!