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Customisable Emoji Bar

· One min read

As requested by many of you, we are finally bringing Emoji Bar to OF chats. 🥳

When you are in a fan chat or making a mass message, you will now see this customisable emoji bar above the text input!

Apart from the tool bar, you can also see the pencil and laugh emoji at the right corner.

  • Click on the laugh emoji will open the full emoji picker, in case you need something that isn't in your list of 20 saved emojis.
  • Click on the pencil will open a pop-up (see the screenshot below), where you will be able to edit and customise which emojis should appear in the tool bar. You can add up to 20 emojis.

If you do not want to use Emoji bar, you can go to the settings and turn the toggle off.