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Create List - Based on Spending

· 2 min read

With this list management feature you can create upto 5 lists based on fan's spending. You could use it to separate your high, medium and low spenders.

How to create lists?

Please note: This is a PRO feature, so if you have not yet purchased a license, please buy here.

  1. Slide the OF extension out and click the three dots in the upper right corner.
  2. Then click on the second option "Manage Lists".
  3. The third preset is to create list of fans based on spending, click on "Configure and Start"

  1. This will open a pop-up in which you can configure upto 5 lists. Click on + Add Spending list.

Then you will be able to define:

  • The amount spend: this can be a range (RANGE) or the min spend by a fan (GREATER THAN)
  • What should the minimum duration of their subscription be? Choosing a minimum of 3 - 4 weeks for low spenders will prevent you from adding new subscribers to this list, and
  • Which list should the fans be added to
  • If you wish to add creator accounts, only fan accounts, or both

  1. After configuring, click "Save". After you have configured all lists (if you wish to create more than 1), you should see them together as shown in screenshot. Now click on "Create Spending List" to start creating lists, and you are done!

Please note that you can create lists of fans who have paid 0 using the RANGE configuration but we recommend using the 2nd preset: non-spender for that as that will take way longer to create whereas these can be much faster to create.

If you have any questions, please feel free to write us on our Telegram support channel or send an email at