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Chat timers

· 2 min read

Using the Chat timers function, you can set a timer for each fan chat that you wish to be notified / reminded of.

Some ways you can use this feature are:

  • While talking to your VIPs, set a 2 - 3 min timer after you reply them, so their chat doesn't get lost between 20 other chats.
  • After you send a PPV to a fan, set a timer of 2-4 mins, so you can come back to see if they bought and follow up.
  • In a chatting session (when time defined, 15 or 30 or 60 mins), add a timer so you know when the time is up.
  • Make your chats appear real time, add a timer for the duration of the video so it looks like you just made the video.

How to set up a chat timer?

  • Head to any fan chat. On the right corner of the chat input you can see a timer icon (next to message icon).
  • A click on the timer will open a pop-up where you can set up a timer between 1 and 60 mins.
  • Input the mins value there and a timer will start running on this fan chat.
  • When the time is up, you'll hear a notification sound. So please keep the sound ON.
Please note:
  • The timer will ring on all devices only when you have syncing on for all devices. You just need to input the email to turn it on.
  • To hear the notification sound, the OF tab must be active, which means a click on the OF page like the chat view or profile page or any other page. A refresh alone doesn't guarantee the ring as Chrome disables audio until there is activity on a page.