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Auto Renew Promotions

· 3 min read

Promotions (for paid pages) play an important role in helping you gain new subscribers. Seeing "only 3 spots left out of 15 for a 35% OFF" can help you create a sense of urgency and FOMO, leading you to gain a new fan.

With OFBuddy you can automate the process of reactivating promotions so that you don't miss out on new subs just because you forgot to re-activate the promotion.


One way how you can create this effect:

Allow only 1 spot claimable for the discounted subsciption, but mention in the text that "the next 15 subs get this discount".

This way when a fan sees that only 1 out of 15 spots is left, it creates FOMO in them. And once the spot is taken, OFBuddy will reactivate the promotion again with 1 spot left, leading you to indefinitely take advantage of this!

How to activate auto-promotions?

  • Slide open the extension
  • Click on the 3 dots
  • The third option is Promotions.
  • Activate the check-box. If you do not have SYNC ON, you will need to input your email address to be able to turn this feature on.

  • You can define the number of days the renewed promotion should run for, by using the dropdown: Offer Expiration. Or in other words, with this setting you can set the expiry of new promotions. When you set 2 days as the expiry, it will trigger FOMO in your subscribers, as they will see that the promotion will expire in 2 days, making it more likely for them to subscribe instantly.

  • You can also add the fans that come through promotions into a list (OFB Promotions). If you want to do so, just click on the check-box "Add fans to a list". We will automatically create a list named "OFB Prmotions" and all fans wil be added to that list.

Once you have turned on the settings, OFBuddy will take care of keeping your promotions active all the time.

please note
  • For this feature to work, a browser with SYNC ON needs to be active at all times. If no browser is open for a while, we will continue the check after a browser gets active. So make sure all your chatters have turned SYNC ON.
  • When you turn Sync on, you will also enable syncing of fan notes and message templates. You will be able to sync your local notes and templates by heading to these tabs, click on Sync icon on top right and then clicking on Sync local notes / templates button.
  • Please do not delete the list OFB Promotions. Adding fans to list will help you see in Fan Info tab which fan came from the promotion.

You will be able to see a history of all promotions reactivated with OFBuddy.

It comprises of:

  • The time the promotion ended (or more specifically when the new promotion was started).
  • The hourglass represents how long the promotion was active.
  • The text is the message you have defined for the promotion.
  • $ represents the subscription price the promotion is offering.
  • Users represents how many fans came through the promotion. Clicking on this will take you to an OF page where can see details of the fans.

The history of promotions might help you determine which promotion text or discount is best for your account!