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· 4 min read

We are thrilled to announce that with OFBUDDY v2.0 release, we are introducting a new feature: Follow expired fans!

In the last weeks, we got a lot of requests from creators to bring this feature live. We hope you enjoy using it and if you have suggestions please let us know!

· 6 min read

Hey creators,

As much as we have tried to keep the features simple and intuitive, there are always things that may appear straightforward but may be difficult to understand. With that in mind and to keep things easier for you, we've gone over all of the features in detail in this article.

· 2 min read

Hello everyone,

Welcome to OFBuddy, the most popular OnlyFans extension!

Our mission is to simplify your work as a creator on OF and provide you with tools that will make your life way easier. Dare we say fun? 😉